Blog Post: PlyUFlex Massage Stick?

What is the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick?

It is a tool that can create flexibility in your muscle tissue. This improves muscle tissue circulation so nerves don’t cause pain.

Our muscles and tendons need daily care. We have cells that are in a constant state of being created and dying. Our body must clean up the debris when a cell dies. But when our muscles and tendons are too tight for the body to do its job, the dead cells remain in the muscle tissue. Somehow, in ancient China, they figured this out. They might not have known all the scientific terms we use today, but they knew that scraping the skin would pull on the muscles and tendons and make them more pliable. This releases the debris that is causing the problems and pain. This form of bodywork is called gua sha.

The word “Gua” in Chinese means “scraping,” while “Sha” means “small red dots on the skin.” In English, this is called Patricia. This massage style involves using a scraping tool to open up muscle fibers and fascia adhesions, which helps to increase circulation and remove toxins from the body, bringing about pain relief. This deep-tissue massage can be done quickly and with less pain as a larger area is worked on at once.

No matter the age or level of activity a person does, knots, fascia adhesions, and tight muscles afflict all. Using a Gua Sha massage stick before a workout or during a long day at the computer increases circulation in the muscle tissue and sweeps away toxins that can cause pain.

Massaging vibrators, pounding devices, and manual manipulation have been used to treat pain in the muscle tissue. This helps, but most toxins stay in the muscle tissue and fascia adhesions. This is why Gua Sha works so well. It’s like a broom on the carpet. It opens the muscle fibers and fascia adhesions and sweeps the dead cells to the skin’s surface, where the lymph system can clean them away.

Gua Sha is an intense tissue massage done quickly and easily. This style of Asian massage has not been used much in America because it can leave behind red marks called petechia. The effects usually go away in two to three days. However, it is the red marks that are your indication of where the fascia adhesions were. When the area is free of knots in the muscles and fascia adhesions, circulation returns to the nerves, and there is no more pain.

Gua Sha has been traditionally performed with a small handheld tool. The tool can cause pain in the hands of the person delivering the bodywork. A specially designed Qua Sha massage stick enables you to provide lasting relief more easily to yourself and others.

To learn more about gua sha and how to do it with a Ply-U-Flex flex Massage Stick please watch our videos at or ply-u-flex training.

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