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Due to stress, traumatic injury, surgery, overuse, or too little physical activity the body can develop knots in the muscles and fascia adhesions.
In Chinese Medicine, pain is caused by a lack of circulation. To increase the circulation, we must have pliability and flexibility in the muscle tissue. Stretching first thing in the morning gives us flexibility, but pliability needs to be done with massage on a daily basis.

The main purpose of massage is to open the muscle fibers and loosen the fascia adhesions. When knots and adhesions are under your skin these can lead to a buildup of toxins. As long as the toxins exist in the muscle tissue, it will impair mobility, cause pain, and reduce the quality of your life.

Dr Katherine Teisinger  DAOM is bringing an ancient form of Asian massage to America. Known as Gua Sha or Scrapping this style of massage is done with a Gua Sha massage stick. In the past, Americans did not understand about how toxins can build up in the muscle tissue. Dr Kathy is Americanizing and educating people on how to eliminate their pain using the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick 

Please watch the extended animated video below this short one, to see what is happening under the skin and why the Ply-U-flex Massage Stick will work so well to remove your pain. 

Watch a short video on how the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick works under your skin

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