14″ PlyUFlex Massage Stick, 2oz bottle of Muscle Healing Oil


Sold together the 14″ Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick and a 2oz bottle of Muscle Healing Oil

14″ Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick sold with the Muscle Healing Oil. The massage stick must be used with a lubricant, other wise it hurts the skin. When you use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick with the Muscle Healing Oil this allows you to use enough pressure to open up the muscle tissue to remove toxins.  Made from a combination of twelve different Chinese herbs, this oil makes a big difference in muscle health. It penetrates the skin and give the muscles the nutrition they need to feel good.

Revitalize your muscles with PlyUFlex Massage Stick 14″.

  • 14″ Massage Stick for full body relaxation.
  • Muscle Healing Oil 2oz is included for an enhanced massage experience.
  • Suitable for Adults of all ages, the massage stick can be applied to the Neck, Back, Shoulder, Waist, Legs, and Foot.

The PlyUFlex Massage Stick is designed to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. Its compact size makes it easy to use at home or on-the-go. The Muscle Healing Oil included helps in relaxing your muscles by providing a soothing sensation during the massage session. The 12 Chinese herbs found in the Muscle Healing Oil, have been formulated based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine to nourish and heal muscles that have been overused or have become weak due to aging. They are intended to be used with the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick to perform Gua Sha, a form of Chinese massage that scrapes the skin to remove fascia adhesions and knots in the muscles.

This oil is highly beneficial for muscle health as it penetrates the skin and provides essential nutrition to muscles, making them feel good. It is suitable for athletes and can be used before or after a workout. For arthritis patients, the oil should be used twice a day for a month to experience long-term benefits. It helps increase circulation, which reduces pain. The oil is made of 12 different Chinese herbs that nourish muscles and tendons. Additionally, it does not contain menthol, which can cause allergic reactions. The oil can be used with the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick or as a massage oil.


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